Monday, November 21, 2016

Olivia's Return--Coming February 2017

Olivia returns to Earth, then travels back to BloodDark, sacrificing herself to make both worlds safe from those who would do evil.

Olivia's Return
by Cindy A. Matthews and Adrian J. Matthews
Desert Breeze Publishing
Release date: February 2017 

It's good to return home--or is it? A year after Olivia Brown's abduction by vampiric aliens, she isn't sure where she belongs anymore. On Earth, she's told to forget her adventures and go to college. But evidence of wrongdoing by the Pure Bloods prompt fellow Resistance fighter Annara to concoct a plan to spy on Clan Alpha. Are the Alphans dealing with billionaire Roland Grundfest, a man willing to supply "vampire brides" for a price to serve their needs for fresh DNA on BloodDark?

To become a spy, Olivia must do more than dye her hair and change her clothing tastes--she must lie to both her parents and her Quadsang boyfriend, Hernando. A little white lie can't hurt, can it? Once again on BloodDark, Olivia realizes she needs friends like Valori, whose psychic powers can incapacitate hired killers. But will Olivia return to Earth ever again? 

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