Thursday, June 14, 2018

The BloodDark Series is Without A Home

Yet again, we've lost another publisher. Desert Breeze Publishing is closing their doors after more than a decade. Amazon and the economy destroys millions of lives, and we "mid-list authors" are often left in the lurch. 

They're closing very quickly, so if you wish to buy any of our Desert Breeze Publishing titles (including Cindy's stand alone romance novels) please do so before June 30th. Check the gorgeous cover art (also going away soon) and synopses at her web site. of

We hope to find a new home for the BloodDark series--and continue writing adventure tales set in this universe--very soon. Your best wishes and prayers (and purchases) are very much appreciated during this stressful and sad time.

Purchase links to the four titles in the BloodDark series can be found  on the book pages to your right. Print and Kindle versions are available via Amazon. 

(Ironic, isn't it, for you to buy our books in those formats our publisher was dependent on the instrument of their--and so many small publishers'--deaths. But Amazon is a monopoly, and like all monopolies, their job is to put all competition out of business. Of course, once all competition is gone, they are free to publish or not publish as they see fit. They might not like science fiction or YA novels, for example. It's called economic censorship, and you, the readers, are the biggest losers at the end of the day.)

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